Hello and welcome to Kemistry by Justus

I offer a variety of colours and cuts that I would love to bless upon your hair, allow me to give you a soft touch yet wild splash of beauty in a world that desperately wants it!

Join me and I will treat you and your hair to a stylish, elegant and tasteful display of potential!

Ladies Cut Only   R300
Cut / Blow             R400
Blow Dry               R160 – R220
Gents Cut              R240

Roots                     R450
Short                      R550
Medium                R700
Long                      R850

T-Panel              R400
Half Head           R550
Full Head            R750

Keratin Treatment             R1200 – R2000

Treatments                           R250 – R400
Upstyle                                   R250 – R500

Elumen colour on request


About Me

“Kemistry is… Sophisticated and street, the lines are clean and edgy. The play on an experiment where the chemical reaction is life giving and enhances style and beauty, it crosses borders where femininity meet masculinity and vice versa. It’s where organic meets inorganic, a reaction that transcends.”          Justus Coetzee


Kemistry has been a long time in the making. Thanks to many happenings, both good and bad, I can honestly there I am where I need to be, in a direction that is positive and correct. Hair is more than just a passion, it’s a way of looking into someone’s being, represented by an impossibly beautiful scene of waving silk in so many different shades. The beauty that defines us in all can be observed in so many ways, hair being definitely one of them.